GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

GPS vehicle tracker is a tool that involves the use of latest technology with the help of which you will be able to locate and track your vehicle or entire fleet from anywhere in India. It instantly gives you accurate location updates via text or email based on the parameters that you set. This is not just an effective device for prevention of crime but it also a robust security device with the help of which you will be able to locate where your vehicle is at present. Our software ensures that you get all the alerts via SMS, voice SMS or email to keep you informed from time to time. GPS tracking system is ideal for buses, trucks, bikes, cars etc. The device is ideal for following operations:

  • Personal vehicle
  • Fleet Management
  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Schools

Personal Vehicle

Talking of GPS Tracking Devices dominates the brain to think of securing one’s personal vehicle. Other than just securing your vehicle you can also keep track of the near ones travelling in it. Like in cases of necessity you can easily get the location of the vehicle and can reach for help.

Fleet management

GPS tracker helps you to rely on the transportation service of a company and minimize the risk of crime and it also improves productivity, efficiency, reduces the cost of fuel and labour. You will be at assistance by using GPS vehicle tracker as any stolen vehicle can be recovered with the help of this system. It is necessary to manage and have control over your fleet to maximize your profits, reduce the cost of operations, and improve the safety of your fleet, causing more ROI and many more benefits.


Proper monitoring of the vehicle will lead to effective and on time delivery process also creating operational transparency, providing customer satisfaction and building a long term relationship with customers based on trust as main factor. You will get a detailed report of the routes from which the vehicle has been taken by the drivers. GPS tracker system helps in delivering the goods on time at the required destination and the goods will be safeguarded against any kind of unforeseen circumstances.


For controlling the misuse of the vehicles, GPS Tracker is the key in the Government departments. GPS vehicle tracker is capable of handling and keeping a track on thousands of vehicles and effectively handling the operations to bring down the overall cost. This would not just comfort the working process but would also save our country's manpower and treasure for excelling in other fields too.


The safety and security of the transportation of children is a challenging task for any school. GPS trackers are therefore used by the school authorities to manage and monitor the routes, drivers and also see to it that the children are safe and secured. Parents can now be at ease about the safety and security of their child by the use of GPS tracking devices. Alerts will be sent to the school authorities if any vehicle is running at a high speed, if any wrong route is taken, or if something ambiguous happens so as a quick action can be taken within appropriate time.

Certain features of GPS Tracker
  • It is a web based online tracking system which means you can track your vehicle through internet enabled device from anywhere.
  • You will get alerts by SMS, Voice call or Email.
  • You will also get historical data report for your information.
  • You will also get alerts when the vehicle is running at a high speed.
  • The location is traced and you can view where the vehicle is heading towards and you have the facility to share he location also.
The main aim of the tracking system is to allow the users to track the location from anywhere. You will get complete solution and it is user friendly system that can track your vehicle 24/7 from anywhere with the help of any internet connection.
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