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School Bus Tracking Bus
Fleet Tracking Truck
Enterprises Tracking Car
Bike Scooter Tracking Bike
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Lots of GPS Tracker features why you should choose it
Web based online tracking Web based online tracking
Immobilize engine sms/app/web Immobilize engine sms/app/web
Location by sms/call Location by sms/call
Summary via email Summary via email
SOS alert SOS alert
Historical data report Historical data report
Door open/close alert Door open/close alert
Ignition on/off alert Ignition on/off alert
AC on/off alert AC on/off alert
Over speed alert Over speed alert
Tremble alert Tremble alert
Towing alert Towing alert
Geofence alert Geofence alert
GPS blind alert GPS blind alert
GPRS blind alert GPRS blind alert
Idle alert Idle alert
Device battery low alert Device battery low alert
External power low alert External power low alert
External power cut alert External power cut alert
GPS antenna cut alert GPS antenna cut alert
Fuel monitoring Fuel monitoring
Camera monitoring Camera monitoring
RFID driver identity RFID driver identity
Share location Share location
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Quick Questions

  • What is GPS Tracking Device? GPS device is used to determine the exact location of the object it is installed in, with the help of signals received from satellites which calculates the exact location. Mymap gps tracking system reports various security alerts like car door opening/closing, Theft alarm, SOS alert, Towing alert, overspeed alert, Fuel status in the vehicle, Car ignition on/off and many more safety alerts. With all such safety measures kept ensured at our end, user travelling experience enhances and car tracking becomes easy.
  • How long do batteries last in a gps tracker? Battery life of any electronic object depends on its use. The more it is used the quicker the battery gets depleted. Same goes with GPS Trackers, the more they are made to use the quicker the battery exhausts. Mymap vehicle trackers come with an expected battery life of 8-12hrs a day for 3-4years.
  • What do GPS trackers need to work effectively? First and foremost important need of the GPS device for showing correct locations is to receive signals from the satellites to identify the location of any object or vehicle.
  • Why choose Mymap for tracking support?
    • There are companies that offer similar gps vehicle trackers, we offer quality along with customer satisfaction. What make us stand apart is:
    • Anytime customer support: If you face any problem with the tracking device our support team is all time available at your service.
    • No monthly fees: Many companies provide the same kind of GPS trackers but they also do charge some monthly maintenance fees. Mymap vehicle trackers comes at reasonable rates and no monthly charges are need to be paid.
    • Easy to use application: Our application designed for customer use is very simple and easy to use for anyone with variety of features at a click.
  • Does the tracking device offers any safety features? Mymap GPS tracking devices safety features:
    • SOS Alert: This is an emergency alert with which on pressing the sos button the emergency message of the vehicle location would be sent to the mobile numbers connected to the application.
    • External Power Cut Alert: For case of theft, if the external power supply to GPS device get cut then the registered user would receive an alert for the same and can prevent any loss.
    • Towing Alert: As the name suggests towing alert is an another sort of safety alert. This would send you the alert if your vehicle is being towed and you can quickly reach out to it.
    • GPS Blind Alert: This is a helpful alert which pops up when the vehicle is driven to any area with low gps signals or connectivity.

Industry leading support

mymap supportIn order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. +91-931-931-71-71

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